Welcome my fellow Boss Mom!

If you are wondering if this is the book for you, then tell me this...

Have you questioned whether you can raise your amazing kids AND do what you love? 
Are you fighting your Boss Mom nature because you're worried that 
doing what you love will keep you from being a great mom?

Don't be shy, you are in a supportive place here, and we know exactly how this feels.

The great news is that...
 You can simultaneously be passionate about raising your family and your business.  
You can be a successful entrepreneur without sacrificing time with your kids.  
You can shake that guilt that asks you if you really are a great Mom once and for all..

I know, I wrote a whole book about just this very topic.

Boss Mom was written to help you transform how you see things and to give you 
simple tools to help make that new mindset a habit
Heather Crabtree,
Business Strategist and founder of the
Savvy Business Owner Group

Not only is Dana an amazing woman and mom, but she is alsoleading a Boss Mom movement that is so needed in our world today. I keptshouting and shaking my head YES on each chapter. YES to being able to be anentrepreneur AND a mom and not feeling guilty about it. YES to saying NO inbusiness like your kids do in life (this made me laugh), YES to avoiding theterrible trap of comparison and YES to recognizing what you can do and lettinggo of the rest. This book is a MUST READ for every mom or anyone who wants tobe a mom and who is passionate about also being an entrepreneur. It will changeyour life and make you realize that you are not alone in this sometimes crazyworld of mommyhood and business.

Jaclyn Mallone, founder of the
Chasing Dreams and Littles Incubator

Dana is the ultimate Boss-Mom and the best friend you wishedyou had! While reading this book I was inspired, motivated, and often times Ifelt like she wrote the book just for me! I know how many of us mom businessowners have similar struggles. Dana's "one bucket" approach instantlyputs your priorities and mindset in check. This book is a must-read for allBoss-Moms!
Sonja Jobson, Copywriter

This book is exactly what I needed two years ago when I had my firstchild. I remember being plagued with guilt that I still wanted to work after myson was born, and that sacrificing all my other pursuits in order to be a"good mother" left me feeling less than fulfilled. The lessons inthis book provide a total shift and helped me see the room in my life formothering AND for working. Weavingtogether practical advice, ample encouragement, and deep empathy, Boss Momgives you permission - and courage - to pursue all of your passions as a motherand as an entrepreneur.

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Made with love just for you!

Boss Mom is jam packed with 192 pages of inspiration, practical how-­to and mind-­shifting exercises with a little bit of wit and fun. You’ll learn how to leave the guilt and step into your power as an incredible mom and an amazing entrepreneur.

This book might be just what you're looking for if...
You have a business and haven’t started your family yet because you’re just too darn busy.
You have kids at home and are constantly struggling between your desire to be an amazing mom and your yearning to grow a business.
You are constantly seeking balance in your life, only to continually feel overwhelmed. 

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, mama of three and author of 'HappyMama: The Guide to Finding Yourself Again While Raising Your Family'.

Oh, where was this book when I was starting outwith a little business idea and a growing family? Dana's approach to businessas a new Mum is one of the most compassionate and realistic insights I haveseen. So many books approach business with a masculine all-or-nothing mindset,without ever understanding the real challenges of balancing hormones, brokensleep, and overwhelming guilt with the deep, deep desire to keep doingsomething for YOU. To still chase your dreams while raising your family - foryour sanity and for the wellbeing of the whole family. There's no need to putyourself or your dreams on hold with Dana's guide in your hands.

AshleyBeaudin, visionary of #fireworkpeople and The Firework Box AshleyBeaudin, visionary of #fireworkpeople and The Firework Box

Dana is a powerhouse of a woman. In Boss Mom, she takesyou on a journey from terrified as hell to confident. She will dismiss yourbiggest fears and will show you that you can rock your business and motherhoodwithout having to choose one over the other. This book is a game-changer for so many women.

Reading Boss Mom inspired me to continue workingtowards my dreams of being a mother AND an entrepreneur. Dana’s book lays out aclear message of possibility in the pursuit of developing a strong business.She expounds upon how to work hard to make your desires grow as you grow yourfamily and business at the same time. Iread this book after the birth of my third child and it revitalized my longingto be a Boss Mom. I was exhausted, disappointed about my lack of success andready to quit, but Dana’s words were so encouraging to my weary soul. Iwalked through her One Bucket Method for making both family and business workand I have grown as a businesswoman. The book was worth the time it took towork through her suggestions!”
- Danielle Roberts, founder of Legacy CreativeCompany
After you've sat with a warm cup of coffee or glass of wine
and dug into the pages of
Boss Mom, you will:
Look at how you love your family and your business in a whole new light

Be able to set life priorities that really help your business and family thrive simultaneously

Realize that you are not alone, not the first to feel the way you do, and just how much of an awesome job you are doing already

Feel supported, encouraged, empowered, and excited about raising a business and a family! 
There’s a light inside of you and Boss Mom is going to help it shine. We are talking shine like a diamond kind of shine.   
So, are you in?
When you purchase a copy of Boss Mom (kindle or print), you receive access to all of the activities that are mentioned in the book in in an easy and fun format, plus checklists and other cool resources.
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HI! I'm Dana, nice to meet
a fellow Boss Mom

Writing this book has been such an amazing journey, and it has helped me realize how many amazing women there are out there who don't realize just how awesome they really are. You're an inspiration. and you are helping to shape our tomorrow with all you do. I am so grateful to have you here, and hope with great sincerity that Boss Mom can help be a positive force in your life.

With gratitude,
Dana Malstaff