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Imagine consistent revenue, automated systems and the ability to predictably scale your business...without sacrificing your family time.
If you are ready to make this your reality, and you want to be surrounded by women who understand what it's like to be a parent and build a business at the same time, then you should schedule a call and see if the Boss Mom Academy is right for you.
You are a driven Boss Mom who knows what she wants, but isn't quite sure how to get it. You have had some success in your business, but you aren't sure how to create consistent sales. Now you are ready to get the guidance to see your business grow in a way that gives you financial and time freedom.
​​​​​​​Yep, you are in the right place!
You have no problem coming up with great ideas.
In fact, you have so many great ideas that you aren't sure where to start. You feel a bit stuck, stagnant, overwhelmed. 

You started on this journey for more freedom, but you feel more chained to your business than ever. And you sometimes worry that you will end up sacrificing those priceless moments with your kids, which is the opposite of what you want. Well, we have so got you covered!
Wouldn't It Be Dreamy If...
When you wake up in the morning (or your kids come to wake you up) you feel excited because you know exactly what you need to focus on in your business and you are confident that you are focusing on the right things that will grow revenue.
When you sit down to work you didn't feel paralyzed by all of the options and decisions  you could/should make to move your business forward. You now have a guide and you are confident in your choices enough to see them through.
You were so confident in your business goals and structure that it was easy to identify and say no to opportunities that really didn’t serve you and your business.
Instead of waking up in a cold sweat wondering where you will find your next client, you wake up to the sound of a new call being scheduled, a new email in your list, and people tagging you because you are...well micro-famous (that's the best kind of famous, you know!)
You didn't have to wonder what to charge, how to handle objections, what kinds of programs to offer, how to translate your expertise into scalable programs, or any of the other confusing decisions you have to make in business.
Instead of trading time for money and feeling like a real vacation will never happen, you make money in your sleep (or even better while you get to play with your kids care free)
The Boss Mom Academy was exactly what my business needed. I received brilliant business strategy and insight from Dana along with networking and accountability from the other ladies in the program. Plus she helped me launch my first online course which has grown into a membership site that has allowed me to scale my business and make money while I sleep!
- Kathleen Kobel, Amazon Expert
Because right now you are feeling business growing pains
You have hit a ceiling, or will soon, of trading your time for money. You feel like you don’t have time to work ON your business, setting yourself up to scale, because you are so busy working IN it for your clients.
Everyone keeps telling you to build your email list, but the opt-ins you create don't convert and it feels like a full-time job trying to figure out how to get it all to work (we understand, we really do).
You have clients, but you are still really trying to figure out exactly how to package what you offer so that you can sell more and turn it into a group program and/or course.
You feel like you are in a bit of a brand crisis. You aren't sure how to consistently attract your ideal client and turn cold traffic into converting leads and clients (you are so not alone).
And You Feel a Bit Vulnerable Right Now, So You Want Someone Who You Can Trust, And Gets You
I know all too well how it feels to know you are a smart capable woman who feels stuck and a bit alone even when the online world is so big. 

I know how it feels to realize you need help and guidance and look around at all the fancy sales pages where everyone and every program looks so enticing. 

And I know how important it is to make sure you work with someone who not only has the knowledge, but also resonates with your personality, your lifestyle, and the way you think. 

I have spent money on the wrong coaches, and I have spent money in places that brought me a huge return.  I have tried things that worked and tried things that failed. 

I have felt that knot in your stomach when someone you respect asks if this whole online business thing will really work....and even worse when you question whether they are right. 
I have felt all those same pains that you might be feeling right now.  I have cried (I still do) and questioned my path and woken up more determined than ever...only to go through the cycle again. 


I have been through the fire and created a series of systems and roadmaps to help you get to where I am a heck of a lot faster than I did (and I think I did it pretty fast). 

And in addition to experiencing the journey first hand...

  • I also have a degree in broadcast journalism (aka video, public speaking, and copywriting)
  • I have extensive sales training (aka how to sell on calls, on webinars, and in person)
  • I made my first $ with online courses and now have over 20,000 students on various platform and courses
  • Part of my corporate background dealt with building better company culture and I took that knowledge and created the Boss Moms Facebook group that has grown to 33k+ organically
  • I have been running the Boss Mom Podcast for over 3 years  (300+ episodes) and have helped countless clients launch their podcast to expand their reach (fun fact: I did my college internship at a radio station)
  • I have written two books (3rd coming out soon) that both hit #1 in their category 
  • I have executed 3 highly successful Boss Mom Retreats (100+ attendees) and extremely profitable one-day workshops
  • I have created and sold Boss Mom Products (from my site and Amazon)
  • I have helped hundreds of women structure their businesses and generate more revenue

Plus, I am pretty tech savvy and my brain works fast. That means I love to test things out and see what works so I can use the knowledge to help you make smart decisions in your business.  

I don't mention this to tell you how awesome I am (wink). I am telling you this so that you know that I am not just someone who had success in one thing and that's all I know how to teach. I have a well rounded background that makes me flexible and a huge asset to help you make decisions in your business. 
The Boss Mom Academy is a six-month group coaching and mastermind program where driven Boss Moms take their online business from a one-to-one, time for money business to a scalable one-to-many business.
Each week we meet as a group and make sure we are breaking down any barriers to your moving forward. These calls are primarily to hold you accountable to your goals and secondly making sure you are given the decision support needed to keep going each week. 
BMA Weekly Huddles take place at 11am pst / 2pm est every Wednesday
Creating content that converts can be one of the hardest aspects of online business. It's not just about following a template (which we have) it's also about making sure that what you create will really resonate with your audience and getting support to know what to tweak so you keep converting more each time around. We help you tweak and refine sales pages, emails, packages, proposals, ads, and more.
The Boss Mom Vault is where all of the templates, processes, sales funnel, and sales training is held. There are over 50 different pieces of content to help you learn new skills, create content, and nurture your prospects. This means that you don't have to wait for the weekly calls to get value. You have a crazy amount of resources to help you move your business forward.
You receive access to the Vault for 6 months
I am a true believer that a group program is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business. I also think that sometimes we need some extra love and dedicated one-on-one time. That's why you get 3 (50 min) Planning calls throughout the program. One in the beginning and another to use when you want. PLUS... you get two 15 minute emergency calls to use at any time. 
3 Planning calls (50 min)
2 Emergency calls (15 min)
You are going to fall in love with the other ladies in the Boss Mom Academy and since we have new members join each month you will want to be able to connect with other members, get accountability, share your wins & challenges, ask for feedback, and more. 
To help us get off Facebook and stay focused we have a dedicated BMA Slack channel where everything is searchable and super easy to use.
We love to meet online and video chat, but meeting and connecting in person is also really important. 

You get a free ticket to the Academy Mastermind that takes place during your 6 month membership. 

We meet for two days of both intense and relaxing masterminding with other academy members. 

Our next BMA Mastermind takes place May 3rd-4th in San Diego, CA
You also get free access to any of our live one-day workshops throughout the year. 
These workshops are open to the public, but you get a free ticket to as many as you want to attend.
April 11: San Diego, CA - May 23: Chicago, IL - ​​​​​​​July 18: Baltimore, MD - Oct 17: Sacramento, CA
More from past members...
"Joining the Boss Mom Academy has been a business and life-changing decision. Within the first 2 months of joining, I gained the confidence, knowledge, relationships, and skills, that enabled me to repay the cost of the program in full. Through Dana’s masterful, direct yet encouraging, coaching style, I have learned how to develop and execute my business strategy, while implementing practical daily tactics to help grow my business."
Liz Thompson, House Style Editing

Zac: “My wife joined the Academy and I bet her that if she met my income in 6 months, that I’d start calling Benjamin’s Dana’s. Let’s just say we’re bringing in plenty of Dana’s now."

Lilah: “She doesn’t just coach, she connects you to incredible people, and consistently shifts to the needs of her students.”

Did we mention that Zac got to quit his job and is pursuing his own career as an online entrepreneur? 

Lilah & Zach Higgins, Higgins Creative
"Dana pushed me past my comfort levels and helped me to expand my perspective and even my belief in myself and my business."

"She helped me clearly set goals and achieve them and all while making me feel like not just another client but also a friend. Dana is amazing in all that she does. She exudes confidence and by extension instills that confidence in myself and the other Academy ladies. This investment is worth every penny and more."
Samantha Johnston, Neapolitan Creative 
What Does the Boss Mom Academy Journey Look Like?
So you decide to schedule a what? Let me show you the Academy Journey so you know what you are getting into. 
You schedule your Boss Mom Academy Fitting Call and we talk through what works and what doesn't in your business and what you want to accomplish. We then decide if the academy is the right place for you.
If it's a good fit, you invest in the Academy and you immediately get welcomed and a given a link to schedule our first planning call so we can jump right in. 
You get a beautiful Boss Mom box full of goodies at your front door to welcome you, an intro to our Slack channel, and you being to attend the weekly calls so that we can start making the needed alterations and additions in your business to get it rockin.
You start getting super focused on exactly what you are offering, creating, marketing, and doing in your business to grow. No more wasting time in analysis paralysis. 
You begin to connect with the other members and form connections and start helping each other with referrals, feedback, and support. 
You attend one of our in-person masterminds and start making huge strides.
As you move through the six-month program, you create and refine your systems, start becoming micro-famous, create consistent revenue, and most likely create a program that you prepare to launch into the world (or relaunch).
While we don't guarantee that we make you lots of money, we sure try our hardest. So if all goes well, then you are making consistent revenue and growing each month.
At the end of the six months you look back and realize how far you have come and just how amazing you really are. 
I loved, loved, loved being in the academy this past year. When I signed up last year my business was just getting started and I was working way too hard, and focusing my energy on all the things instead of just the right things.

Dana helped me narrow down what I actually needed to work on to move my business forward and has helped me develop a clear plan to tweak and refine what is working.

It is amazing to look back at all the things Dana and the support of my academy friends have helped me accomplish. My opt-in is converting at around 40%, my Facebook ads are converting at .79 cents a lead, I have consistent income coming in each month and a clear plan on how to scale. 

What I accomplished in 2018 is huge and my goals for 2019 are even huger and I owe a major part of my success to Dana, her fabulous team, and the women in the academy. I could not have done it with out them!

- Micala Quinn
The 30 minute fitting call is a safe place where you can share your dreams and your challenges so that we can figure out the one thing you need to do now to move your business forward.
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